7 health tips for your first trimester of pregnancy

health tips pregnancy
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The greatest feeling is here, You are going to be a mom and as soon as people around you get to know this, they will have their own suggestion lists ready.

Well, it is alright to listen and adhere to a few of them. But, what you really need are some of the sure shot tips that will help you get you through the initial phase just as normally. While you are all excited and happy, you might feel morning sickness that takes a troll everyday. But, who wants it easy?
Anyway, we would want you to get through this as smoothly so, keep a few tips handy while you are on the go. If, you are one of those new ‘moms to be’ , sit tight and get glued to the screen as some of these tips are going to give you heathy days ahead.

  1. Nap when you get home from work and on the weekends.

  2. If possible slow down at work.

  3. Put your feet up as much and as per needed.

  4. Turn over cooking, errands and housework etc., to your partner or a professional agency or just let things go for a while.

  5. Plan your eating in a way that you eat small meals throughout the day so you never feel too full or too hungry.

  6. Eat bland foods when feeling nauseous and avoid spicy, greasy or fatty foods.

  7. Ease us your body and mind as much as it will help you to get through the later trimesters.


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