7 Protein-Rich Vegetarian Breakfast

alt protein breakfast

You don’t have to eat meat to build muscle, but you do need to get enough protein and essential vitamins and minerals.

Here’s your guide of protein rich vegetarian breakfast.

1). Chocolate peanut butter breakfast Quinoa

This high protein grain is a perfect substitute for oatmeal or other cereal. By boiling the quinoa in soy milk, it becomes soft and creamy, and is ready as an ideal base for chocolate and peanut butter.

2). Cornflakes & Strawberries

This bowl of goodness contains 181 IU of vitamin D. For this you need, cup of corn flakes, skim milk and sliced strawberries. Pour them together & enjoy!

alt protein breakfast

3). Homemade Seed Cereal

This makes for a great hearty breakfast cereal. Take black chia seeds, hemp seeds, buckwheat, skim milk and dried cranberries. Mix them together and relish.

4). Chocolate Black Bean Smoothie

This not only has an abundant source of protein, but also fiber and various micronutrients.

5). Chocolate Banana Breakfast Quinoa

Enjoy a guilt free breakfast with it. Banana brings texture and added nutrition to chocolate quinoa.

alt protein breakfast

6). Curried Tofu Scramble with Spinach

The recipe is quick to make and the mixture of onion, garlic, tomato, spinach and crumbles tofu makes a nutritious start.

7). Peanut butter Chia Bars

With just 5 minutes of preparation time, it’s easy to make. Mix peanut butter, chia seeds, little water, vanilla extract and honey. Make shape of bars and top with chopped almonds.

alt protein breakfast


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