Latest Update : Amritsar Train Accident on Dussehra

Amritsar Train Accident on Dussehra

Amritsar train accident on Dussehra this year did huge lose to the lives. On date 19th October 2018, the major train accident happened that ruined many lives and homes.

In this Amritsar Train Mishap, death toll touched 61 while 77 injured as SDM East Amritsar Rajesh Sharma informed. The accident took place at around 7pm.

Amritsar Train Accident on Dussehra
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The ground given for the Dussehra show was only for crowd upto 2000 but the crowd extended upto 4000+. The event was organised near to the railway track. A five foot wall of the railways separates the railway tracks and the plot where Dussehra was organised. As the crowd was huge and people wanted to see the Ravan burning, they took the railway track to see the burning. The railway crossing gates were closed and the crossing was manned. Dussehra celebrations were NOT held at this spot last year.

The event was organised by Saurabh Mithu Madaan, the son of a Congress municipal corporator. Mithu Madaan is of the Navjot Singh Sidhu group in the Amritsar Municipal Corporation. The government now asked for the further inquiry.

CCTV footage found during the inquiry session:

The police have acquired CCTV footage of Sourabh Madan Mithu — a local councillor’s son who organised the ill-fated Dussehra event that ended with the death of 61 spectators on a railway track in Amritsar — escaping soon after the tragedy occurred on Friday night.

Mr Mithu and his father remained issing for 48 hours after the incident occurred, and protesters have hit the warpath with their demands for the arrest of those responsible. Irked by their absence, a group of people threw stones at the organisers’ residence yesterday night — breaking several windows. Police brought them under control and placed the neighbourhood under guard.

The Amritsar station house officer Balvir Singh responded and said, “It is too early to say anything about the accused, or who was responsible for the deaths on the railway track.”He also added that the names will be added to the document on the basis of the ongoing investigation.


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