Are you reflecting your personality with your sitting Posture ?


Even though your style of sitting can be different depending on some particular mood or your surroundings, the plopping patterns of an individual can tell a lot about their personality.

If you generally sit with your knees together and your feet separate, it means that you’re a creative and a charming person. You may also have a little fun, childish and playful side to you which lets you change between the activities and the tasks pretty easily. You probably also find it a little difficult to concentrate or focus on just one task for a long time and you may also speak before thinking about what you’re even going to say.

Despite all this, people like being around you and feel very comfortable when you’re around.

Cross legged– If you sit on the floor with crossed leg, it indicates that you feel carefree and open. This pose with the knees spread to the sides shows that you’re physically open for new ideas. The kind of flexibility which is needed to sit like this indicates that you are also emotionally flexible.

Knees apart, feet together- You are the kind of person who carefully considers the options before making any choice because you like everything to be perfectly smooth. You are quite choosy, even somewhat fussy. At the same time though, you are chronically dis-organized.

People who sit with their legs together with them tilting on either side, together- these people are generally known to be persistent and stubborn. Even though they like to put a lot of effort in how they appear, it doesn’t seem to enhance their confidence level.

If you sit with your legs intertwined and all- twisted, it shows nervousness and insecurity. It’s better rather to cross your legs at the ankles.

Sitting erect and tall– This is not too much of a surprise, but these people who sit quite straight up with their feet planted firmly on the floor are generally the most confident people you’re ever going to meet. They indicate a reliable and strong personality– the one of the kinds everyone runs to during the time of their crisis. You may need to consider chilling out a little in case this is what your normal position looks like.

If you are amongst the ones who sit with their legs wide open, even when at work, you are probably showing combative, arrogant and sexual posturing.


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