Bad Breath | How to prevent Bad Breath

Bad Breath
Bad Breath

Bad Breath

If you have Bad breath,  you are not alone.

Bad breath or Halitosis, is characterized by an unpleasant odor of the mouth.

 Causes and Prevention tips:

1). Oral Bacteria – There are 100’s of types of bacteria naturally found in your mouth.  All these contribute to bad smell.

– Mouthwash is potent in masking the smell. It can be used twice or thrice daily, as per requirement.

– Most bad bacteria reside on the back of your tongue, seen as a white-brownish coating. Take your tongue out & watch in the mirror yourself. Clean your tongue twice a day, with a toothbrush or tongue cleaner to remove them.

ALT Bad Breath

2). If you wear removable dentures, make sure to remove them at night before sleeping & keep in clean water.

Wash them thoroughly before using again.

3). Cause of bad breath can also be the Dry mouth.

This can be caused by certain medications, radiation exposure, salivary gland problem or breathing through the mouth.

Sugar-free gums or candies or artificial saliva prescribed by your dentist. It can help you produce more saliva.

4). Persistent bad breath and bad taste in the mouth may be a warning sign of gum disease. See your dentist for it. Proper attention and care must be required.

5). It can also be caused by Tonsillitis, Diabetes, Liver or Kidney disease. If persistently, the bad smell is present, see your doctor.

6). Tobacco and tobacco-like products when smoked or chewed are a cause of bad breath as well. Quit the habit for complete benefit from its dangerous effects.

7). Bad breath has also been seen in people with Lactose Intolerance. Dairy product intake in such people is prohibited.

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