Beauty tips for Dark Black Lips

alt dark lips

This is one of the commonest problems especially when all of us carve for soft smooth and pinkish lips. Lips tend to be the most attractive feature of the face.


So, let’s have a look at some of the tips


1. Say No to smoking


Smoking contains nicotine which is one of the main reason for the darkening of the lips.

Stop smoking and you’ll see the results.


2. Use a Scrub


A natural lip scrub will help to remove dead cells and dry skin from your lips.

This will also improve the blood circulation of your lips.


Try to use at least once every week. All you need is 5-6 drops of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of sugar.


Mix them well and apply on your lip for exfoliation. After that rinse it well.

alt dark lips

3. Hydrate it all time


For the natural pink color of lips. It I important to maintain hydration of your lips. For this, you need to drink plenty of water throughout the day.


And use a lip balm which contains beeswax as it will help in sealing the moisture of your lips.

alt dark lips

4. Rose extract


Rosewater and honey both help in reducing the darkness of your lip. Use an equal amount of Rose petals and honey for scrubbing your lips

5. Lemon


We all are well aware of this that lemon contains vitamin C which helps in reducing the darkness of your lip.


Just a few drops of lemon and you will get rid of the darkness of your lip.


dark lips


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