Because time is the best healer

Because time is the best healer

Because time is the best healer. You are hurt, broken, shattered and in a state to leave all. It’s fine. Everyone goes through this state.

Because time is the best healer

You will heal yourself once you will start living again. Things never goes right at the wrong time and wrong time will never let the right thing to happen. You will fail once or twice but that doesn’t meant you are not worthy. Who stays, who comes, who goes is not the thing to worry. But time matters. When, how and why it is going.

Remember, in your childhoods whenever you got any cut or wound. What your mother used to say? She had always consoled you by saying,” don’t worry, it will hurt you in the start but as the time will pass it will start healing and you will be fine.” That was just the childhood memory. But something is still the same and that the power of the time and the strength of yours to recover. It is not the matter of type of wound.

Because time is the best healer

Either external or internal every wound needs time to heal. It starts to recover by first giving you the pain that will be extreme but as the time will pass it will start healing. 

Time is never going to obey your decisions. Time will give you the reason to take the decisions. May be you are hurt but time will give you the piece of peace and you will find yourself standing again. Time will always play the motion games with you, not to make you frail but to let you know the power of your inner strength.

You may loose the trust on people.It will break into pieces till extreme.But never loose the believe in yourself and the on the fate of time.  And hence time heals.

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