“Billion dollar divorce”

Alt billion dollar divorce

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos broke his 25 years of marriage.

However, recently this couple has been caught celebrating their 25th anniversary. Whereas, both of the couples focus on resourcefulness.

Mackenzie says that instead of having resource less child she would prefer having a child with 9 fingers.

Image Courtesy – BBC

Above all this was a healthy breakup as Jeff twitted that now they will share their lives as friend. Even Jeff appreciated his past life with Mackenzie and blessed her upcoming ventures.

Image Courtesy – Twitter

A report has shown that Bezos cheated his wife. He is having affair with Lauren Sanchez who is the former TV anchor and also the wife of Patrick Whitesell. Sanchez had been married to Whitesell in 2005. Besides that, she had many affairs with Whitesell clients. In fact, she knows Bezos through Whitesell.                                                        Lauren was also hired to film aerial shot for Bezos company “Blue Origin”

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