Cape Town to Cairo on wheels, at 80

Cape Town
Cape Town

Cape Town

What comes to your mind when you hear of a woman aged 80? You must be imagining of a neatly dressed woman with a peaceful life. A life that revolves in and around reading books, cooking new food, knitting, gardening, etc. Cape Town

But here we have Julia Albu, an eighty year old woman went on a solo five-month trip. And, the second big surprise is she was driving all alone through Africa, from Cape Town to Cairo on her 20 year old Toyota Conquest.

Albu, hails form a village near Cape Town. In the morning, she has a habit of listening to radio. And, on one day she heard of a discussion with the then President, Jacob Zuma and his high-cost taste in cars.

“I was incensed. I phoned in immediately to say I was going to be 80, and my car, Tracy, was a 20-year-old Toyota and she ran beautifully. We could happily drive to London together, so why Zuma needed all these new cars was beyond me.” said Julia Albu.

During the early weeks, Albu used to sleep in a tent anywhere on the roadsides. While she was high on spirit, but her body was not allowing her to take these hardships. At those times, her family was there to help. One of her daughters drove her to Zimbabwe, and her son through Malawi.

At this age Julia Albu is such an inspiration for all of us. She proved that to live a life, all you need your strong will and high spirit. There is an indirect teaching for all of us young people, to not think that an elder has no energy to do such enormous things left with them.

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