Common myths about Menstruation

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Some common Myths about Menstruation continue to circulate from generation to generation.

Your mother and grandmother have probably heard about some of them.

It’s time to expose these myths!!

Here are some of the common myths about menstruation.

1. You loose a lot of blood during the period

This is the pure fiction. As the truth is the average woman loses only about 2 to 3 tablespoons of blood during a period.

In case if you’re losing so much blood then it’s the time to visit your doctor.

2. Don’t wash your hair when you’re menstruating

There is no such reason for not to wash your hair during menstruation. But the fact is if you take a warm bath it will give you a relive from menstrual cramp.


Common myths about menstruation
Common myths about menstruation

3. You can’t get pregnant from sex during period.

It’s a Myth! Because it is possible to get pregnant from sex during your period.

The fact behind this is you need to ovulate to get pregnant and that usually occurs after your period finish.

4. You shouldn’t exercise during your period

This is the common myth about menstruation.A women can’t do exercise while menstruating.

They believe that women are weak during this time.

alt periods

But there is no such problem in doing some exercise. Even the mind exercise during this time will help you to deal with PMS.

5. Period blood is”BAD BLOOD”

Several people think that menstrual blood is bad blood. But there is nothing bad about menstrual blood.

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