Diastema- a common dental problem

alt diastema

It is one of the most frequently seen malocclusions.

Diastema, a medical term, refers to a gap or space present between the teeth. This space can be seen anywhere in the mouth.

However, Midline Diastema is most common. It refers to the midline spacing between the two maxillary Central Incisor. In layman terms, the space between upper front two teeth.

alt diastema

This condition is seen both in children & adults. Though, in children the gap might close with the eruption of permanent teeth.

What are the causes of Diastema?

It can occur due to a variety of reasons:

– Conditions such as undersized teeth, missing teeth, etc.

– Oral habits such as Thumb Sucking.

– The presence of thick frenum in between the upper teeth.

alt diastema


– As a sequence of erupting permanent canines – Ugly Duckling Stage


Time required varies from children to adults.

1. Orthodontic treatment to move the teeth & close diastema.

alt diastema

2.  Cosmetic restorations like Porcelain veneers, bonded to outer aspect of teeth.

3. Prosthesis or crown and bridge work.

4. Frenectomy, in case of an oversized fernum.

 Time required varies from children to adults.

Frenectomy is often accompanied with other treatment modalities for complete cure.


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