What is in for India in the Donald Kim meet?

Donald Kim meet
Donald Kim meet

Donald Kim meet

The summit held on Tuesday at Singapore between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un may have some surprise gifts for India. Donald Kim meet

Ministry of External Affairs, India, is anticipating peace and stability in the world with the denuclearization of Korean Peninsula.

India’s reaction on the meet was positive, adding that ‘with peace in Korea, the concern of proliferation linkages extended to India’s neighborhood might also get addressed’.

India has no past friendship or enmity with Korea.

The two countries if not having any positive relationship do not have any negative either.

India has reached out to North Korea this year too, weeks before this eye-catchy summit.

Donald Kim meet
Donald Kim meet

Minister V K Singh described the country to be friendly, which was once known mostly for the nuclear missiles and its testing.

Allegations for selling nuclear tech to Pakistan were also raised in Korea. Nuclear weapons and an autocratic rule have been largely describing the country.

But only a few know that in the Tsunami of 2004, India donated $30,000 to North Korea. India once was the third largest trading partner for the country until the impact of China took over the economy.

If everything falls into place, the relations may return to be what they were earlier, that’s’ why the summit is a good news for India. 

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