Easy healthcare tips for Monsoon


The hassles & health problems come along with rainy season.

Kids and elderly are more prone to infections. Take extra care of your skin, hair & health. Follow these useful tips and precautions to keep problems at bay.

1) Eat Clean & Fresh

Eat freshly cut & properly cooked food this season. Eat nutritious and light food.

2) Street food is a BIG NO!

Though they are tempting, chances of illness are high. Prefer garam bhajiyas cooked at home over them.

3) Avoid touching your eyes

Eye infections like conjunctivitis, dry eyes & stye are common this season.

4) Check on Water intake

It’s important to stay hydrated. Drink only filtered and boiled water. Drink lots of herbal tea like jasmine, ginger, lemon, etc.

5) Eat a balanced diet

Moderation is the key. Add spices like coriander, pepper, turmeric & fresh vegetables and fruits. They improve immunity & fight indigestion.

6) Skin Care

You have to be more strategic this season.

The basic rule is to, Exfoliate, Cleanse, Tone & Moisturize’

7) Help your Hair

Wash them often. Try & experiment with homemade hair masks. They help remove dirt & oil clogging the pores.

8) Keep your feet dry & clean

Try to avoid walking through dirty water. The water logged streets, moist temperature & dampness can bring foot problems. Wash them often and dry properly. Keep fungal infections at bay.

9) Damp indoors

Keep clear of damp indoors. They are home to fungus growth. Often leading to breathing problems.

10) Sunscreen

Use a good sunscreen every day. This avoids many skin problems.

11) Chase mosquitoes away

Drain out coolers or unused water stored in any area. Keep a check on stagnant water. This avoids mosquito breeding.

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