Engineer arrested for leaks to ISI on Brahmos Missile

Brahmos Missile
Brahmos Leak to ISI

Nishant Agarwal the young engineer of Brahmos Aerospace has been detained for leaking information to Pakistan .

He is believed to transfer confidential data to ISI.We should feel shameful on this act if it proved true.

The technical secrets related to the missile were made available to Pakistani and US Intelligence Agencies. He got arrested from Nagpur where he was posted.

The arrested engineer was a Senior System Engineer at BrahMos Aerospace unit in Butibori near Nagpur.

He used a coded game to transfer the information using a encryption and decryption mechanism.He manages a team of 40 people including system engineers and other technicians.

He was found transferring 3D models and designs through Whatsapp to the ISI agent.He got trapped with a women from US who offered good salary to work for her.

Investigations later found that the profile belonged to a woman of Pakistan.


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