Feeding Facts for New Parents

Alt feeding facts for new parents

The words of wisdom for ensuring the baby gets the right amount out of the bottle.

It’s essential to feed your baby only when they are hungry. For this, you need to recognize the signs of hunger or demand.

Some early signs of hunger are                                             Alt feeding facts for new parents

opening eyes/ looking around, making an “O” shape with the mouth, moving the tongue out, turning towards a breast or any other body part looking for food.

Most babies feed multiple times close together during a part of the day. This routine is set slowly and gradually as per the child’s need. Babies give their cue themselves.

Get a slow-flow bottle nipple initially. Also, burp them halfway through a feed, feed a few more & then burp. Give your baby the appropriate amount. Never force them to finish the bottle.

Never encourage them to sleep in between feeding. It could lead to underfeeding and loss of important nutrients.

Parents, nowadays, worry if they are overfeeding the baby. It’s almost impossible to overfeed the baby. It is very rare. When babies turn away from the bottle or breast and refuse another nip, they’re telling you they are full.

But if they come back for more, they are truly hungry. Never mind if they just finished the bottle.                                                                                                                                  Alt feeding facts for new parents

You can always take your pediatrician advice when required.

Make a point of respecting baby’s cues. If the baby turns away before the bottle is finished or before your usual nursing time is up, accept that the baby is not hungry anymore.

Every baby is different. Just pay attention to their cues!







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