Achieve your fitness goals without hitting gym with Squats

fitness goals
fitness goals

fitness goals

Most of you would agree when I say, no matter how hard I try to get up and hit the gym it just does not happen. fitness goals

I plan but, sleep just wins over all that plan like an undisputed queen.

Then I sat and thought about all the exercises that I can take up at home as staying fit is always on my schedule.

Squats of all are one such exercise that should be a part of everyone’s daily regime. after working on the desk the whole day, you need to get on with some movement to keep your strength going.

Squats are not just for legs but, benefit the whole body in several ways. This humble exercise gives you several reasons to include it in your lifestyle. This exercise is low impact and does not put extra pressure on your ankle, knee, and back.

fitness goals
fitness goals

If done properly, squats are enough to make you hit your fitness goals.

  1. Increase the strength of entire body and muscle
  2. Increase flexibility and saves from injuries
  3. Improves posture
  4. Helps in toning the abs, legs, and butt
  5. Helps in building bones and joints
  6. Maintain balance and mobility
  7. Build your core strength
  8. Burn extra fat and improve circulation

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