Go Vegan , Go Green

alt go vegan go green

Do you wish to help animals and the Earth in the best possible way? This can be achieved in an easy way, by adopting Veganism. Going Vegan can help us to erode most of the serious problems in the society.

Veganism is the choice of avoiding the use of animal products in diet particularly. The diet is called a Vegan diet.

alt Go vegan go green

Vegan diet comprises of a variety of options. It includes fruits, vegetables,  nuts, legumes and whole grain products. It focuses on reducing the percentage of fat in the diet. The plant-based protein such as beans, tofu, and nuts are added. They reduce the risk of certain heart and liver diseases.

They are rich in carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. But low in protein, B12, and other important nutrients. It’s always suggested to combine a Vegan diet with supplements for good health.

People choose to be vegan for health, environmental or ethical reasons. As they are low in saturated fat and cholesterol as compared to animal diet.

alt go vegan go green

Many foundations these days like PETA, motivate and encourage people to adopt Veganism. They educate them about the benefits of a vegan diet and the cruelty to animals for a non-vegetarian diet.

Lastly, Vegan diet is a mechanism to lose weight or to be healthy. The main aim is to stop the animal cruelty and slaughter.



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