Habits of highly successful people

habits of highly successful people

We have always heard about how people become successful and overnight they become notable persons among us. But, have you ever thought that being successful require a lot of effort and years of hard work. No successful person can ever be success overnight. And, even if it is that way, then you would never know how to keep that.

Success is never a destination, it is a journey.

Lets find out what actually the most people of the world do, that makes them successful. And, what would be better than knowing about these straight from Warren Buffet’s life.

Goal oriented

No matter you have achieved a goal in your life, you should always have another goal set for the next step of your life. No goals lead to wasting the next step of your life. Being goal oriented can keep you ready for every battle of your life.

Read and learn continuously

There is no definite age where we should stop reading or learning. An old person of 90 years also has something in this world, that is left for reading or learning from. So keep reading and learning, lets put no limit on this.

Discipline, self control & consistency

The people who are maintaining success from years have somethings in common. All of them are disciplined, they have a high level of self control for not doing what is not good for them. And of course the successful people are consistent to their achievements, and do not rest after the get success.

habits of highly successful people

Meditate & exercise

Most of these people dedicate an hour or two from their everyday life for meditation and exercise.


A sense of gratitude is a must if you want to achieve something great in life. One should always be thankful to the society and to the people who have helped him to achieve success.

Value alone time

A time in a day should be fixed for spending with yourself. Because the way you know and teach yourself, no one else does.

Take full responsibility for their life

You and only you are responsible for your life. You can do good to yourself and you are yourself the destroyer of your life.

Not afraid to fail

‘Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.’

The very gist of the story lies into this. One should never afraid to fail.



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