Healthy Juice for Pregnant ladies

alt pregnancy juice

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is always recommended and essential while you are pregnant.

If you are looking to maintain a healthy diet during pregnancy, juicing can be a good idea.

1). Carrot juice

A great way to boost your unborn baby’s eye sight.  It is a rich source of Vitamin A & E.

They prevent pregnancy associated hair fall & brittle nails.

It helps strengthen nails.

alt pregnancy juice

2). Apple juice

It helps in the growth and development of the baby.

It is also a source of Iron & helps avoid anemia.

The B complex vitamins present in it are useful to maintain your Red Blood Cells.

3). Beetroot juice

It has tons of benefits for pregnant women.

However, keep your daily consumption between ¼ or ½ beetroot.

You can also mix carrot juice with beetroot juice.

alt pregnancy juice

4). Cucumber juice

One of the best pregnancy juice.

They are a great source of Vitamin A, C, potassium, folate and manganese.

It regulates blood pressure and prevents swelling.

5). Orange juice

It is a well-known and very popular one.

But never consume it in large amounts, as it can cause heartburn.

alt pregnancy juice


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