In Winter the fall in the temperature takes a serious fall on our Health. We all are well aware of Skin Dryness.

This Dryness is not limited to the Skin but also affects the scalp. This leads to the Dandruff.

Steps To Prevent Dandruff

Let’s discuss some of the steps to prevent Dandruff.
1. The first step is to cure the cause. We all know Dandruff is caused by Dryness on Scalp. Now to Remove that dryness, You have to moistures the scalp.

So start using a gentle moisturising conditioner. It will help in maintaining enough moistures on your scalp

           Alt how to prevent dandruff in winter
2. How can we skip the part DIET?

It plays an important part in maintaining the health of your scalp.

Add Vitamin B and Zinc to your diet.

This will help in maintaining good health of your scalp.

Alt how to prevent dandruff in winters
3. Try to avoid Hair styling products during winter as it will cause damage and dryness to your hair.

4. When it comes to Moistures your Scalp, Oiling is the best way. Give yourself a warm coconut or olive oil massage.

Alt how to prevent dandruff in winter
5. Avoid washing your hair too many times as this will lead to a lack of moisture.

Let’s enjoy the Snowflakes falling from the sky, not from your shoulder


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