I don’t believe in the men and women equality


I don’t believe in the men and women equality because women stands above the men. Women- the creator of this world, and still they have to starve for their rights.

the sunkiss

Women are the reason that men survive. It’s not about the comparison between a men society and a women society. It’s about the way the women are being treated. 

If a girl gets raped then it may be her fault because she was wearing plenty of clothes. Why only a woman society is being judged whenever they face any critical situation?Remember the ‘Daughter of our nation’? She is still known as Nirbhaya and Damini. She got raped by six men including an underage boy. Everyone fought for her, everyone supported her but after a certain point the society started judging her. The questions arose that what was she doing with a boy late at night? Why was she wearing short clothes?  Is that wrong, if a girl lives her life the way she wants? Is there something wrong if the girl was with someone with whom she was comfortable? No one has the answer because no one wanted to know.  It’s easy to judge someone’s character until you don’t know what they are going through.

So what if the strap of my bra is visible? Everyone knows that it’s a daily wear that every girl carry. So what if i am wearing shorts? It doesn’t mean that I am trying to attract people. What if I am dark or fair.

happy girl

Being a girl is a thing to feel proud of. There’s no point to compare us with the man’s society. Don’t run to prove that you can do all the things that he can because we can do everything including those that he society can’t.


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