Ikea opens its first store in Hyderabad


IKEA, the Swedish Furniture Retailer company is opening its first store in India on Thursday. The opening of the store has been a highly trending affair. The store is opening in Hyderabad.

The company has employed 950 employees directly and 1500 indirect employees in Hyderabad. IKEA has plans to employ 15000 more people in the coming years as per its expansion in India. The store is spread over an area of 4,00,000 square feet. IKEA expects to open 25 more outlets across India by the year 2025.

The staffs of IKEA greeted the first customers waving India and Sweden flags. The first customer of IKEA India was the cricketer, Rajani Venugopal.

ikea india

Peter Betzel, CEO, IKEA, Ambassador Klas Molin and Telangana’s Industry and Commerce Minister Rama Rao, together inaugurated the store. An Indian Army Gorkha Regiment’s band was also invited, where they played various songs like ‘Sare Jahan Se Achaa’.

IKEA also opened a restaurant in Hyderabad that has 1000 seats. The restaurant will be excluding Swedish meatballs from the menu, to adapt the Indian culture.

The promotions for the opening of the store was more than innovative. The passengers visiting the Hyderabad Airport saw empty boxes of IKEA, that has ‘The IKEA store is now open at HiTech City’. HiTech City is a place in Hyderabad, where the store is located at.


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