Impact Of Diet on daily lifestyle

alt impact of diet

A healthy diet goes hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle. What you choose to eat, or what you do not eat directly affects your body and health.


A healthy diet means a diet full of nutrients that are required to maintain your health, feel good and have energy.


A healthy diet can expand your life by reducing the risk of chronic diseases that cause illness and death.


Food choices make a great impact on how you feel in terms of promoting and maintaining good health.

                                 alt impact of diet

Disease like Hypertension and diabetes are increasingly seen, often as-as a result of unhealthy eating habits.  A poor diet causes major health risk which will lead to illness.

These include Heart disease, Hypertension, Osteoporosis etc.

An unbalanced diet is rich in sugar, starch and fat that will cause overweight and obesity.


For the prevention of obesity, People should eat less -high calories food and prefer unsaturated fats and fruits and vegetables.


Benefits of Healthy Diet

A healthy nutritious diet will provide the energy you need to work whole day.


It promotes a strong immune system which will help you to prevent disease.

 alt impact of diet

Not only this, it also helps in maintaining a healthy weight.


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