This Independence Day lets know our rights

Independence Day
Independence Day

15TH August 1947, when India gained the freedom from the English empire. Since then India is celebrating this day as the Independence Day.

15 August, independence day-indian-flag-with-monuments

We all have studied about the war our freedom fighters fought and how they sacrificed their life to make our country independent.  It has been 70 years since we are celebrating this precious and memorable day. This year we will be celebrating our  71st INDEPENDENCE DAY.

We celebrate this day by flying kites. Do you know that why we fly kites on this occasion?

Independence Day 15 August, independence day kites

It’s not a ritual that our past progenies gave us. It’s a way to show the happiness of our freedom by flying those kites up high in the sky. The country has gone under many changes in these time periods. The day of freedom is not just special but it’s a tribute to our soldiers because of whom we are living our life the way we want or the way we are comfortable in. Although today we are independent of the Britishers but are we really living the life of freedom? Do every person is respected equally in the society? Do we people treat males, females and transgenders equally?

Independence Day

If no is the answer that is rising in your veins then are we really free to relish ourselves. It is pride to celebrate this day but if an individual cannot live it’s life the way she or he dreams, so is this really a thing that comes in freedom?

Let’s take a resolution on this day entitled as an “Independence Day” that as we will proceed this prideful journey of independence day celebration in a way that every person in the society will have it’s own right to live the life she or he dreamed regardless of any cast or gender discrimination.


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