Is Photography just an imagination?


What makes a photographer unique from others?

When imagination goes beyond the limitations, that’s how you start to create. A photographer’s  art of imagination is the diamond to his personality.

He never thinks in the same way but he gives it a imaginative twist that we call as unreal.

Every stroke of a photographer’s click recites it’s own story. Imagination is not the only thing that goes into our head. It’s the thought and the feelings that comes out in a creative art form.

In our everyday life we all have seen many imaginary things that doesn’t exist for us. We have never thought of the origin that why it has been painted or being constructed.

Not everyone has the same perspective towards the life because we all are living the different life that may be similar to others but will not be exactly the same. But what a photographer clicks and presents is the thing that has a meaningful moral behind the pictures. What if a girl is fine with the thought of not having her sexual portion?

When people are going to judge us on the basis of the clothes we wear then why should we carry our souls with ourselves? Why we always look for the answer from the whole chapter?  Maybe the answer is hidden in the question itself. Probably we have never had even a single thought about these kind of things that we all are facing at some point in our lives and that’s what the things that makes an artist different from us. They never think about a situation only up to their level. They always come out with the most thinkable thing that we define as an imagination.

“Apni soch se upar jo kuch kar jaye use kehte hain ek naya aavishkar”

Lets have a look into different styles in photography with perfect imagination.

I do wear expensive clothes but I don’t carry my soul with me because no one cares about that. What they see is only the brand I wear.

I am still covered with the woods because I believe in my origin.

I am not happy with my lost portion but its fine if this way I will be safe in the society.


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