Java SE 9 A first glimpse at Java 9: Early access release of JDK9

Java SE 9
Java SE 9

Java SE 9

Java Platform, Standard Edition 9 is a major feature release. The following summarizes features and enhancements in Java SE 9 and in JDK 9, Oracle’s implementation of Java SE 9.

A JDK Enhancement Proposal (JEP) is a proposal to design and implement a nontrivial change to the JDK.

Java Platform Module System

Introduces a new optional phase, link time, which is in-between compile time and run time, during which a set of modules can be assembled and optimized into a custom runtime image.

Adds options to the tools,javacjlink and java where you can specify module paths, which locate definitions of modules.

Introduces the modular JAR file, which is a JAR file with a module-info.class file in its root directory.

Java SE 9
Java SE 9

Introduces the JMOD format, which is a packaging format similar to JAR except it can include native code and configuration files; see the jmod tool.

Removes the endorsed-standards override mechanism and the extension mechanism.

Removes rt.jar and tools.jar from the Java runtime image.

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