Kiki Challenge, challenges the Police

kiki challenge

Internet is the best inventions of science till today. But, what if you fail to distinguish between the right and the wrong things in the internet. A new trend on social media and internet has come up called ‘challenge’. And, in that ‘challenge’ we are challenged by some of a celebrity or friends, etc. to do a weird thing on camera and post it on internet.

The latest such ‘challenge’ is the Kiki challenge. As per the challenge the performer will have to dance along with a moving car and then will have to jump back into the car. It is done with a car that is moving slowly. And the performer has to dance on the beat of a new song ‘In my feelings’ by Drake, a Canadian rapper. And, the most ugliest thing about this challenge is to dance in the middle of a traffic on the road.

The Kiki challenge was started by comedian Shiggy. Shiggy posted a video of himself dancing on the beat of the song ‘Kiki do you love me?’ on Instagram. Later on a lot of other celebrities joined the Kiki challenge and posted videos of them dancing on the same song.

kiki challenge

The kiki challenge now is inviting various kinds of severe injuries while attempting the challenge. Police all across the world are facing serious challenge over taking care of the accidents caused by this. Uttar Police, Delhi Police and Mumbai Police have also tweeted videos of people meeting accidents while doing this challenge. Jaipur Police has posted a picture of a guy with a garland reading Kiki’s boyfriend died due to this challenge.


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