How celebrities maintain fitness

maintain fitness
maintain fitness

maintain fitness

We all know that Bollywood is one industry where fit is awesome. Other than their movies and connections, Celebrities are frequently known for their strict work-out routine and diet plans. They are admired for their near perfect figures. maintain fitness

Let’s have a look on hard work they go through.


The Athletic side of Hrithik Roshan is well known. Recently in an interview, he shared his transformation. He does a lot of weight training and cross fit in his workout routine.

Hrithik’s diet mainly consists of proteins, meat, and some fibrous carbs.


Here are Nargis Fakhri’s tip and tricks. She shared her fitness mantra.  If you feel the gym is boring. You can do Zumba or dance classes. She believes in fun-loving working out. One should walk 10,000 steps daily. Secondly drink 2-3 liters of water daily. And eat more veggie.


Malika is known for her curves. The secret behind her curves is Vegan Mantra. That means she eats only fruits, vegetables and juices. Strictly No to meat, egg and dairy products. She believes in yoga. Her favorite yoga posture is Sirsasana.


Sonam Kapoor loves swimming. Her favorite form of workout is Pilates. Pilates session involves the use of ropes, mini balls and magic ring which makes her workout interesting. Sonam switches to high-intensity cardio exercise sometimes.

She is an ovo-vegetarian. This means she eats no dairy products and only eggs.

maintain fitness
maintain fitness


Shilpa is a well-known yoga enthusiast. Everyone knows the love of Shilpa for yoga. Besides yoga, she devotes time in strength training and cardio.  She does meditation for 15 minutes daily. She launches CDs showing how to practice yoga.

From these famous celebrities routine, we get to know that Diet and exercise both are equally important. A proper exercise with proper diet plan will make you look healthy and fit. STAY HEALTHY STAY FIT.

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