Medicine Ball Slam Workout

alt medicine ball

Medicine ball slams have gained popularity in the fitness circle.

It helps improve reactive strength of the abdominal and back muscles.


  1. Versatility

This can be done anywhere, whether at the gym or at home or outdoor. You can perform this core clenching exercise anywhere.

  1. Strength

It is a great way to activate your fast-twitch muscle.

By this, you are promoting your body to gain more strength and agility to move faster.

  1. Faster fat loss

Because you won’t need those hours of slow cardio to burn few hundred calories. It also improves your body into state known as “after-burn effect”.

  1. Endurance

It is a cardio exercise, which means it improves your cardio system capabilities.

How to do it?

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder wide apart.
  2. Pick the ball up & bring it up to full overhead position.
  3. Throw the ball down vertically on the floor with your full force.
  4. Catch the ball while it bounce and bring it back in overhead position.
  5. Repeat



  1. With a Burpee

Perform a burpee and when you get on your feet after a jump, perform a medicine ball slam.

  1. In tabata style


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