Mistakes you make when you’re Sick

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We do have better access to medical facilities to get cured as soon as possible.

But we still make some mistakes which prolong our illness and make it worse.

Few of them are:


1). Spreading your germs around

When you freely mingle with everyone, you end up doing more harm to yourself and others. To stop the spread, keep yourself clean and wash your hands often.

2). Taking antibiotics for Common Cold

If you’ve a common cold, just stick to over-the-counter cold treatment. Antibiotics aren’t effective against viruses and provide no benefit. Useless consumption of them can lead to resistance.

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3). Smoking

Smoking will make your cold symptoms, and cough worse. You should avoid smoking. Also stay away from others who smoke.

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4). Overdo of medication

Never use more than the dose recommendation on the package label. Consult your doctor if you have any questions.

5). Ignoring home remedies

Don’t ignore the home remedies even while taking severe medication. They can help cure faster and better. It involves use of honey, lemon, ginger, etc.

6). Neglecting healthy food

While medication and weakness can kill your appetite. Make sure to get good nutrition. Keep yourself hydrated and have healthy food.

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