‘Mulk’ leaves a strong message

mulk tapsee pannu rishi kapoor

The Rishi Kapoor and Taapsee Pannu starer movie ‘Mulk’ is gaining a lot of attention these days. The prime focus of ‘Mulk’ is Islamophobia, besides the allied political agendas, occuring on a daily basis. An act of terrorism by an individual Muslim makes every Muslims in the country, a terrorist.

The story of the movie is based on a Muslim family of ‘Varanasi’. The youngest son of that family (the role is played by Prateik Babbar) indulges himself in some terrorist activities. This terrorist activity leads to a huge bomb blast massacre and therefore leaves a big impact on the family.

The movie narrates the nationalistic feeling of a respectable Muslim family. The family has a lot of Hindu friends in the city. Including the youngest Bahu, who is a Hindu. This is the general scenario of the common Muslim families in India.


Anubhav Sinha, the director of the movie, throws limelight on the ongoing politics in India. The movie portrays a balanced  mix of Islamophobia. And a chance for the Islamic hardliners to introspect, most importantly, the character of Rishi Kapoor believes that Jihad is being used as a tool of benefit by the Muslims, nowadays.

The movie has a lot to talk about and has perfectly managed to show them on camera. The actors were successful in portraying the characters,besides the well versed messages in the movie is quite an experience.


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