Although there’s no denying the fact that parents all across the world are caring and loving, Indian Moms are a step ahead.

 At times, they have their own philosophies to guide you through and tell the right and wrong.

Yes, they are concerned and will come up with their own understanding of things. But, as we grow up we realize these philosophies don’t hold true after, all.

But, moms will be moms and these some few of our favorites.

Your destiny is written by the family astrologer who will also have a list of remedies.

Don’t go anywhere near water because she knew someone whose cousin had a near-drowning episode.

Someone is out to get the kids and put their ‘buri nazar’ on them.

Desi mom techniques @ipr

The shape of the chapati will tell if, you will get a good husband.

Eating bottle gourd improves the eyesight.

Don’t cut nails in the evening it brings bad luck.


You will know the value of homemade food once you move out.

The complexion gets dark if, you drink more tea.

Don’t swallow the chewing gum it gets stuck in stomach.

Eat curd and jaggery before stepping out for an exam or interview.


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