Two Startups that aids journey of parenthood!!



With the great rise in the number of nuclear families over the recent years, raising a child all alone isn’t that easy task to take upon! parenthood

And there comes the significant ones to aid all those whose thoughts are muddled up regarding the same.

Well speaking of the significant ones, its no one but those Striking Start-Ups who have proved to be a constant guide and aid in terms of providing tips on parenting to baby care products for the newbies in parenthood;

these are the Start-Ups disguised as Saviours!


Here we share with you few such Saviours who top the charts in terms of parenting advice and baby products.

parenthood | ZenParent
Founders: Supriya Hiremagalur and Vinay Roy
This Start-Up aims to provide advice with regard to nutrition, fitness, and psychology alongside any medical issues.

They have a bunch of mothers of different ages across India to provide expertise regarding the same.

They have designed an app and portal which serve as the platform for interactions between parents and experts.

This Bengaluru based company which was set up in 2014 is glad to have raised an amount of $500,000 through seed funding from i2india Ventures.

They also publish articles on topics like childcare tips, parenting, nutrition etc..

Tiny step
Founder: Suhail Abidi
Incepted in the year 2015, ‘Tiny step’ serves a network of parents with regard to childcare, parenting guidance, and advice to name a few.

The app is designed in such a way that it monitors every single stage of pregnancy starting off with the ovulation calculations to the growth of the embryo.

Moreover, it captures all the precious moments like fist cry, first tooth, first walk etc..

The company has raised a fund worth $2 million during the Flipkart funding in 2016.

Well, there are many other Start-Ups too with the same concern as Little Wings, ParentTune, My Child App etc..

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