7 Signs to take your best friend to next level


There are times when we see a good partner in our best friend and can discuss to move to the next level.

I feel you when you say she is there to listen to your jibber-jabber any given minute and I feel you when you say he is there to pick you up even when he has ten different things lined up on the schedule.

Hear, Hear! Chances are you have found your life partner in your best friend.

You don’t need the universe to give you signs as, they are already there and you just have to hold on to them while listening to your heart.

Not every day one happens to find someone with all that patience to accept you with all the flaws. May be, it is time to hold on to them forever if, you can check all these boxes.

They will be there no matter what.

You can feel comfortable doing nothing together.

Arguments cannot ruin your relationship

You can be lame around them without being awkward.

Conversations do not have a pause button.

They are one of the first ones to know about any new happening.

You miss being around each other when you are not together.


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