6 ‘Couple’-y Things that you should not do around Single People

Single People
Single People

Single People

When you are in love, the whole world seems to take a stop , TIME FREEZES. Single People

However, what the couples do not realize is that time actually does not freeze and they might be causing problems for those around them, especially for the single ones!

Single people do not always find happy couples as a source of their happiness but rather they hate seeing happy couples.

So a word of advice to all those love birds, steer clear of being too cute in front of the singles.

We share with you 6 things that you can notch a step down to avoid angry stares from singles:

Refrain from that excessive PDA. We understand that you guys are new in love and cannot stop being mushy but try to make as much of it when you are alone.

Try hanging out with your single friends sometimes instead of calling a rain-check on them every other weekend. It seriously pisses them off!

Do not always ask for taking cutesy ‘couple’-y pictures of yours, especially by your single friends. They are frankly not interested as much as they show they are and definitely annoyed by it.

Do not always go around setting up your single friend with your partner’s single friend. Trust me sometimes they are much better off being single than they show

Avoid sharing TMI (“too much information –for laymen) about your intimate moments with your partner to your friends. TBH, they ain’t that keen on knowing.

Always give your single friends relationship advice and why they should start dating because apparently, now you are the relationship ‘guru’!

We are sure you budding lovers clearly see and feel the love is in the air, but sometimes it can become a ‘stinky’ air for those single friends of yours. So just play it cool!

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