7 Reactions that you have when your Sister is getting Married!

sister’s marriage
sister’s marriage

sister’s marriage

Weddings are a big sensation in a country like India. Marriages are considered to be an extravagant affair and a lot of planning and arrangements goes into it. sister’s marriage

And if it’s somebody like your sister’s marriage, then it is like a party, just on a larger scale!!

We bring to you the best reactions that every sibling has when their sister is getting hitched:

Clothes, Clothes and More Clothes!

Shopping for sister’s marriage

The first and foremost thought that comes to your mind when your sister decides to get married is “what to wear”.

There is just so much to choose from – pretty dresses, lehengas, designer sarees, anarkalis, shararas and what not.

And tailoring them is another ball game altogether!

All that Planning!

sister’s marriage
sister’s marriage

When it’s your sister, you cannot shy away from loads of work in planning and arrange the wedding.

You will keep running around the entire house and it will seem like all responsibilities are your responsibilities!

 “I will Rule the House”

That feeling when you realize your sister will leave for good.

It’s a bittersweet feeling but then the thought of owning the room, all her clothes becoming yours can tempt you like crazy!

The excitement of getting a Brother-in-Law

Everybody knows how sisters-in-law are expected to be pampered by their brothers-in-law.

Every sister-in-law has once had this thought of what to call her “jijaji”, and doing all planning and plotting with him and fancied it!

Oh, those Bridal tantrums!

Your sister can give you a very tough time and handle her can be a real pain. Her never ending tantrums about making everything perfect will make you want to run away or kill her sometimes! (Figuratively, we mean)

Avoiding all the Aunties of the World

Minding one’s own Business’ is something that these aunties never learn.

Each time they see you they will ask you when are you getting married since you are the next in line. Pissing off, right?

Pamper Much?

With your sister getting hitched and leaving the house, it will feel like the entire world and family is revolving around her.

Beware of that over-dose of pampering that your sister receives!  Your time shall come to.

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