Someone’s created a home that looks like a spaceship and we’re here for it. spaceship

Stunning images show a 250-square-foot micro home which looks like it could have returned from outer space,

after being modeled on a lunar lander from the historic Apollo 11 landing in 1969. spaceship

The hexagon-shaped white hut is elevated by three steel beams so that it can sit nine feet above the ground, while a staircase provides an entry point.

Picture: Kurt Hughes /

The property features an open floor plan interior and a large geodesic dome skylight, a small kitchen, and a dining area where a window overlooks the river and hillside.

Picture: Kurt Hughes /

spaceship | Architect Kurt Hughes modeled the small home, located on the banks of the Columbia River, on the iconic spacecraft used in the first moon landing.

‘The mission was to design a habitable dwelling with the latest marine composite technology, providing creature comforts with low impact on the land and high amazement factor,’ he said.

‘It is waterproof, airtight (but with air to air heat exchanger ventilation) resistant to vermin, mold and insects.

It needs no roofing nor siding.

Kurt applied his thirty years experience as a boat designer to create the property, which as ‘virtually no environmental footprint’.

He said: ‘These off-the-grid outposts will use the latest marine technology to afford a strong, light, and easily maintained the structure.

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