Swamped with work and trying to create a work-life balance can take a toll on your mind and body. Often to come out of this craziness called ‘life’, we plan to go out on a vacation or weekend trip with our friends or family.

However, if the whole purpose of the trip is to relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul, then the best way to go about it is by going solo. To understand the benefits of a solo trip, let us look into the following facts:

  • Solo trips have a therapeutic benefit. They help in healing your mind and soul as you are not engaged with other people and can give yourself that much awaited ‘me-time’.
  • Travelling alone can make you very much self-independent as it lets you plan your own itinerary in your own way and makes you more responsible. You also get to plan a fixed budget which can help you become much more financially sound as well.
  • Being alone helps you in discovering new places and experiencing a lot of ‘firsts’. You get to meet and interact with new people. Not only that it helps you to rediscover and reinvent your own self.
  • Solo trips can be a healthy distraction from a stressful life. It can create a whole new side of you that you never knew before and help you relax and do whatever you want to- no rules, no restrictions.
  • You can be free from all the judgement and curious eyes and let yourself go and just be yourself– unabashed and unapologetic.
  • You get a chance to introspect and retrospect, get new perspective on life, re-align your intentions and focus on the positive things in life. You get plenty of time to think and reflect on your life choices.
  • Your body receives a positive cleansing and your soul is set free with all the positive vibes. Curiosity builds inside you and you learn a lot of new things and look at life from a brighter point of view.

Travelling Solo can mean rejoicing in your independence and freedom and getting a holistic retreat and inspiration from it. So, make good use of that one trip that maybe life-changing for you.


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