The disease starts coming after flood goes


All the districts in the state of Kerala have been affected by the flood.

Of these, seven districts including Wayanad, Palakkad, Thrissur, Malappuram, Iduki, Alappuzha, Ernakulam and Pathanamthitta have been severely affected. As rainwater recedes, fear of disease outbreak looms.

Kerala has a very strong healthcare system, but floods have affected it badly.

Kerala has been struggling with vector-borne diseases such as dengue, chikungunya, now also faces the threat of water-borne diseases.                                                                                                                  Alt Disease after flood goes

After the flood water recedes, the major challenge will start with outbreaks of various diseases such as Cholera, Typhoid, Hepatitis and Leptospirosis. Along with the increase in dengue and malaria.                                                                                                                                  Alt disease after flood goes

As floodwater continues to recede in parts of Kerala, the deluge has left homes covered with mud, vehicles damaged and debris scattered over streets. The state is staring at a huge clean-up operation after the worst floods in a century killed more than 200 people.
Flooding is associated with increased risk of infection, affecting both humans and animals.

It contaminates the drinking water facilities and flooding of the sewage treatment plants led to contamination of river water.

There is an increased risk of infection of water-borne diseases contracted through direct contact with polluted water such as wound infection, dermatitis, conjunctivitis, ear and nose infection.

However, these are not epidemic-prone. The only epidemic prone infection is leptospirosis.

                         Alt disease after flood goes
A potential risk is posed by the corpses as well. Workers who routinely handle corpses may have a risk of contracting tuberculosis, blood-borne viruses & gastrointestinal infections.

The public and emergency workers should be duly informed to avoid panic & inappropriate disposal of bodies & to take adequate precautions.


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