The power of healing my dead soul


“Don’t wait someone else to motivate you. Let your dreams be your own motivation and your hard work be the inspiration.”

Yes, I am broken and I need someone to make me stand again. One more time I failed in my life. Smiling so nice and weeping deep inside. I am alone and I want someone to be mine. Well, I don’t want any other soul to console me. I want my own soul to heal me. No one knows my weakness and my strength the way I know. When I ask someone that I want someone to stay, I simply mean that I want you to leave and let my soul stay with me  and let it comfort me. You may ask me to stay calm and will make love to me and may ask me to forget everything that is breaking me deep inside. But those things won’t make me strong instead they will make me low.

I want to remember those shattering things to let me fight with those thoughts because I want to stand by my own.

I know what motivates me because I know what made me broken. My self motivation is the thing that makes even more strong. You may come and ask me not to cry, I will simply reciprocate with the say that let me cry and let me get my own relief because I am not broken I am just counting the square power of my strength.

My motivation is never the person I get inspired by but my failure is the motivation.

When ever I feel like I am made for nothing I just look back to my life and I judge myself that from where I started and where I am today. This is how I evolve myself. I believe to be our own motivations because not every time someone will hold us and make us stand. It’s you and only you who can make it all happen to the best, the best way it can define you to the perfection.


  1. Awesome article , it’s very often we get inspired by someone but the inspiration that comes from our inside lives as long as we want to and that’s the real inspiration ,our failures our journey to life ,daily experiences all comes together to make us . And ya forgetting things which make us cry someday never turns into our strength but fighting with them n to learn from them makes us strong .
    Life is all about learning from our bad days and just move on with new strength .


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