The Relationship between Fitness and Sleep

alt the relationship between sleep and fitness

Good sleep gives your body time to recover, conserve energy, and repair and build up the muscles worked during exercise.

Sleep and Exercise have an intimate relationship, having a profound effect on each other.

Getting enough sleep can not only give you more drive and strength to maximize your workout, but its effects on concentration, mood, and focus can make you more efficient and better prepared for that workout.

How Sleep affects Exercise?

                 alt relationship between sleep and fitness
Sleep is critical to the recovery process because while you’re resting, your body is building muscle. This happens most efficiently during sleep, and without enough quality sleep, your body cannot fully recover from exercise.

How Exercise affects Sleep?

               alt the relationship between fitness and sleep
Majority of people who exercised, especially in the morning, woke fewer times throughout the night and spent less time in REM sleep, the lightest stage of sleep.

In addition to your fitness routine, these are a few more ways sleep can impact your health:

• Regulate blood pressure and cholesterol                                                                                alt the relationship between sleep and fitness

• Reduce stress
• Increase energy levels
• Boost immunity
• Manage cravings and appetite
• Stimulate mental clarity and memory

Tips for Good Quality Sleep

1. Create a consistent schedule– and try to stick to it even on weekends, holidays, etc.
2. Create a bedtime ritual.
3. Make sure you aren’t hungry or overstuffed when you go to bed
4. Cool air may improve your quality of sleep
5. Hours slept before midnight are usually higher quality than those following
6. Make sure the room is dark and quiet


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