Tips and Tricks for Healthy Nails

alt nail care

Well-kept hands speak a lot about you. And so do the nails. Healthy, well-manicured nails are an integral part of a neat, pulled-together appearance – one that can work as an asset in both the social and the business world.

Learn how to care for your nails with our basic nail care routine and tips for keeping your nails healthy and beautiful.

alt nail care

  1. Increase your daily intake of the super-food Beetroot. The benefits of beetroot include providing Calcium and Vitamin D to make your nails look gorgeous.

2. Calcium and protein intake is very important for healthy nails. Therefore, taking milk and milk-based products is a must each day if you want your nails to be in the pink of health.

3. Regular trims are as important to your nails as they are to your hair. So set aside time to clip them every two weeks, adjusting to more or less often once you see how your nails respond.

alt nail care

4. Painting your nails at home is no excuse to cut corners by skipping the base coat.  This step not only protects the nail from being stained by the polish, but also helps the color look more saturated and opaque with just one coat.

5. Just as with makeup and skincare, not all nail polish brands are created equal, so make sure you’re buying or using a good product.

6. Massage your nails with natural oil such as Vitamin E from time to time to give them the required health and flexibility.

alt nail care

7. Whether you have your nails professionally groomed or do them yourself, the No. 1 recommendation is leave your cuticles alone


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