Ways in which processed sugar is hurting you without you realising

alt processed sugar

Cutting down sugar from a diet is usually done for Waistline.

But eating sugar not only make you fat but affects your body in all sort of ways that might surprise you.


Many of us know that Sugar is not good for them, but for their taste buds, they think the risk of excess sugar consumption is not harmful.


Let’s have a look on some of the Effects.


Damage your Heart

Yes, you may be surprised but Sugar plays a great role in heart-related disease.

Excess sugar intake can increase the overall risk for heart disease.

 Sugar can actually affect the pumping mechanism of your heart which increases the risk for heart failure.


Silent killer

Sugar is the true Silent killer. A study found that excess fructose consumption was linked to a condition called Leptin Resistance.

 This leads to over-consumption of food and causes obesity.

Sugar is called Silent killer because it all happens because without symptoms.

                        alt processed sugar

Cancer Production

It won’t possible if you talk about sugar without mentioning Insulin.

A connection has been found between insulin resistance and cancer.

                         alt processed sugar

Brain Power

Sugar may sap your brain power.

Yes, it is alarming that sugar may affect the ageing of your brain.

Glucose consumption and ageing of cells are interrelated.


This may cause as simple as wrinkles to something chronic disease.


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