When Sexual Desire Kills the Humanity Of the Society

Goat Rape Haryana
Goat Rape Haryana

The urge of sexual desire is killing the mankind. The society is going totally in the wrong direction.

When all a man needs to fulfill his urge of sex, he desires to have a female regardless of the fact that from which order she belongs to.


Haryana: A pregnant goat got rapped by a group of eight drunk men. According to the report from the local police, the incident took place last Wednesday in a village named Mewat district. This inhuman incident gave goosebumps to the citizens of our country. Many bollywood celebs also came in front and highlighted this inhuman activity by saying that it’s so natural for a woman to feel unsafe in this country.

What John Abraham Tweeted?


John Abraham, one of the famous celeb in the bollywood recently gave his point of view over this rape case. He said that the culprits should be sentenced to death. He also added his concern regarding the safety of females and animals in the country. The only way to punish these “sick men” is with the capital punishment.

The versatile actor raised his voice against these inhuman cases by shifting to Tweet. He wrote,”Women and children living in a fear of the Indian man’s power politics and the sexual perversion were not enough….. now goats and dogs will too. Something has seriously gone wrong in our evolution and our education. Where’s the light at the end of this tunnel?”   

There is a need now to take some major steps against these crimes. If this won’t end then maybe one day the society will end with no female left on this planet.

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