When someone leaves, don’t wait start living again


They came, they became your friend and by the time they became your life. You both were happy in making memories. You were loving the present and along with the dream of living together in the future. Everything was just perfect. You stayed together and shared the saddest moments and the happiest too. You loved everything in them and they were perfect for you.

Romantic Couple at Sunset

One day may be because of a reason or because of no reason they left you. You broke down both mentally and physically. You gone through many thoughts about what happened, what was wrong, was there any situation that you created to make them quit? if you will figure out everything to be right then what? Then you will start looking those mistakes and those reasons in yourself. You start making yourself guilty and may you will end your life like a dead soul wandering alive.


When they left you and you didn’t find any reason for it then may be they were in a situation that they were left with a single option to leave you. May be they didn’t want to quit but they had to. It can be anything.It’s fine if they left you. Life never ends with someones exit.It’s fine you are hurt but life still have a lot for you. It’s fine you don’t want anyone in your life but don’t stop yourself to come into life again.You have your dreams, start living for them. Everyone gets a chance to start all again. It depends on you how you want to make your new move.Life always give you a reason to live when you think you  don’t have any. No one stays till the end and the day you will stop living for someone else you will start to love yourself.



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