6 Ways to turn your Idea into a Start-up

Lets do the innovation.

Remember last time when you had any idea but had to turn down thinking about that because you thought you don’t have enough resources to add up to your creativity and build something good from it.

Well here are various ways from which you can act on your ideas and thoughts.

  1. Observe and Analyse

Look in your surroundings and write down the common problem everyone faces and think in which ways your idea can help solving those issues. When you’ve got answer to this question you come to know more about the functionality about your product.

  1. Feasibility

Once you’ve established the idea then check for it’s feasibility, whether the product is actually feasible to make or not.

  1. Target market

You’ve got to know your target audience that would be benefited by your product, whether they are actually present together or the target audience is scattered and located very sparsely.

  1. Channels

After searching for a proper target market it’s time for searching out various means of channels through which the services will be delivered to the customers.

  1. Revenue and Cost Structure

Calculate the cost of making the product and delivering it to the target customers and compare it with the profit that you’re going to make on your product

  1. Survey

Start building fundamental prototypes of your product (app/website if it’s a software) and release it in beta program as a survey and take a feedback from people about the missing functionalities and improvement on the present ones.

  1. Searching for Investor

After proper implementation of improvements and feedback’s it’s now time to search for an investor who can give funds to actual implementation of the product and can help in launching the product in the market.


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