Foot care tips for monsoon

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Foot care is not only a part of your beauty but also for your health. Monsoon is the time of water, mud, bacteria and infection.


 This is a time of year where chances are high to get a fungal and bacterial infection.


People who have diabetes should give an extra care in foot care with the monsoon. As they have high chances of getting fungal infections.


Here are some tips that will help to maintain healthy feet.


1. Keep feet dry


Always try to keep your feet dry. All you need to do is wipe your foot with a clean and dry towel to make it dry.


A special care must be taken if you are diabetic patients. Try to avoid rubbing while drying your feet.

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  1. 2.  Keep your nails short


During monsoon, keep your nail short. This will prevent any dust from getting collected under nails.


3. Cleansing foot soak


Once a week, soak your feet in hot water with a pinch of salt and shampoo for 10-15 minutes.

This will keep all the bacteria and make your skin soft.

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4. Pick the right footwear


Ditch your heels and sneakers. Choose flip-flops and sandals as the water gets easily washed from them and make your feet dry.

5. Foot cream


Yes, I know there may be excess of moisture during the monsoon but still, your feet need moisture.


Always ensure to keep your feet moisturised by nourishing foot cream.

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