Diseases Caused by Internet | Internet diseases

Internet diseases
Internet diseases

Internet diseases

The internet is dominating nowadays. In today’s world, people are so dependent on the internet. Like any other thing, the Internet also has its positive and negative effects. Internet diseases

But due to its excessive use in teenager leads to causing many problems in a teenager.

Let’s talk about some of the diseases that are caused by using the excessive internet.

  1.    Eyestrain

The most common problem teenager facing is Eyestrain. Continuously staring at computer screen for long hours leads to eyestrain. That’s the main reason in today’s generation that every second teenager had specs.

  1.    Back Pain

The main cause of Back pain is the wrong posture. Sitting for hours on the computer or lying in a bed using the phone are the reasons for back pain.

  1.    Internet Addiction Disorder

Addiction to everything is harmful whether it is smoking or Internet. Online education to social media everyone is addicted to the internet. Some Research had found that the excessive use of internet leads to Internet addiction disorder. This affects both people’s way of living to Professional activity.

  1.     A headache

Internet became a part of everyday life for many of us. As your body needs Rest, Similarly your mind needs Rest. Focusing your eye for long time cause fatigue. This fatigue results in a headache.

  1.  Facebook Depression

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics Facebook is one of the trigger factors for depression. People who use Facebook more tended to have depressive symptoms. It doesn’t mean facebook cause depression. But comparing our self to others on Facebook is one of the main reason for depression.

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