“Just Because I was a kid doesn’t mean I don’t remember”.


I was just six when it all started. He was my relative so he visited my home on daily basis. I still remember the day when he came to my home for the first time.

I still remember when he gave me the chocolate and kissed me while hugging. My family left me with him because they thought I like him as he gives chocolates. But I was shy so I didn’t ask him to come near me.

I wish I could tell them that he not only gives me the chocolates but more pain too. I suffered till the day I hit my teenage when my school told me the difference between a bad touch and a good touch. Yes I still remember his face and his touch too.

This not only happens with girls but they target boys too. Not only girls suffer from this trauma but boys too. There is always a similarity between a boy’s situation and a girl’s and that is the thing ’emotional breakdown’. We as a kid never told the family and when we grow up we think that they either won’t understand or won’t believe just because we were kid.

Brave are those who learn to deal with it and move on in their lives to give it a new start and to trust  people again .But for those, who still afraid to face them and  living in the dark here a message.

when i was six

It’s is difficult to forget those scars but living with a scar is not a bad thing too. We fall, we stand.This how we learn.

Those who are the culprits are still living the way they were before with all the comforts and happiness then why are you living so deadly. Stand up and move out and face them. Let them know that you are a healing soul and the powerful one who is all set to be the successful one. Because it’s never the karma that works on it’s own it’s us who motivate the karma to do that so.



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