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Today let’s know a little more about migraine. it is one of the common diseases. The rate of migraines is increasing worldwide. According to WHO report that almost half of all adult worldwide suffer from it. Further going in detail let’s have a look on what is migraine?

Migraine is a Headache disorder characterized by throbbing recurrent headache that affects one half of the head mainly.


There are no specific causes. But there are a number of factors that trigger a migraine. They are:


. Anxiety

. Loud Noise /Bright light

. Hormone imbalance

. Tobacco


. Alcohol


Its Symptoms depends upon person to person.

It mainly affects adulthood and early adulthood. There are 4 Phases of it.

  1.    Prodrome Phase

In this stage, symptoms may begin one to 2 days before a headache itself. Symptoms like food craving, depression, fatigue, and irritability are seen in this phase.

  1.     With Aura

This Phase occurs after the Prodrome stage. In this, you may have a problem with speech, vision, and movement.

  1.    Attack Phase

Next Phase is the Attack Phase. This phase symptoms can last from hours to days. Some of them are Nausea, Dizziness, Increased sensitivity to light, vomiting etc.

  1.   Postdrome Phase

This Phase is characterized by mood swings and feelings. The intensity of this phase depends upon person to person.



There is no cure for it. But there are different treatment modalities for relieving symptoms.

– Reduce Stress is the key to the treatment of migraine.

– Hormone Therapy plays a major role in women.

– Pain Reliever – In case of Pain different medications can be taken like NSAIDS.

– Regular Physical exercise can help in reducing the chance of a migrainee.

– Getting enough sleep is essential for the prevention and treatment of migrainee.

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